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Previously, people , because of their negligence and partly because of fear of the dentist, easily lost their teeth . Do these failures can be solved by installing the implant and whether there are limitations in terms of their number ?

Implants are titanium screws contemporary , which is screwed into the jaw bone and coalesce with it . Serve as a replacement for the root of the missing tooth . Their installation avoids the grinding of adjacent teeth , which is essential in the preparation of bridges , thereby preserving and saving the tooth substance . Therefore , there is a physiological and functional justification for the use of these modern methods . Use of dental implants can be achieved : the compensation of one or more teeth ; making dental bridges in cases where the patient , due to the loss of teeth , have to wear removable dental prostheses . Dental implants can serve as carriers dentures , which are so much more stable and more comfortable to wear, with terminal edentulousness represents only way to create fixed prosthetics .

What is the root dental treatment ?

When caries is not treated in time it can lead to disease and nerve dieing , or gangrene and infection on top of root. Then comes to severe pain at the mere touch of the tooth or spontaneous night pains. In this case the nerve of the tooth must be removed , and it is called root treatment. First, on the tooth device access have been ported , then the special needles extractor tissue removed nerv and then tissue after. We remain infected channels , they are then rinsed and disinfected until removed.When we remove root canal infections the full special pastes , to prevent re-entry of bacteria .

What is tooth whitening and whether it is harmful ?

Tooth whitening is a treatment that patient's teeth color changes in a couple of shades lighter.During the time tooth color is changed , dark under the influence of tobacco , colored drinks and food . Only natural teeth coud be whited. Whitening is not harmful if it is performed under controlled conditions. After whitening, treated fluorine to avoid sensitive teeth . Bleaching can be external to the vital , living teeth and can be internal to the root treated teeth .

What is a fissure ?

Fissure sealing is coating parts of the tooth on which most often occur failures . Most often it is characteristic for the children in the period from 3rd to 10th year because they have not yet learned how to properly brush their teeth. Fissures should be checked every 6 months .

What is a ceramic crown , and what ceramic bridge ?

Ceramic crown is prosthetic restorations which replaces a tooth because the natural crown is damaged , changed the color or for purely esthetic reasons .

Ceramic bridge is the prosthetic restorations which replaces a larger number of lost teeth , how esthetically and functionally . And for the crown and the bridge is necessary to have the tooth or teeth carriers partially sanded to lay ceramic crown . And crown and bridge is permanently cemented to the abutment teeth and can not be arbitrarily removed .


What is the " VIZIL " or metal partial denture ?

"Vizil" or partial dentures are a type of dental restorations in which we can replace a larger number of missing teeth and that the remaining teeth should not be sanded or to perform minimal corrections . The great advantage of these prostheses compared to ordinary plastic prosthesis is that the load is transferred through the teeth , and not through the mucous membrane , so that the load on the bones minimum . The advantage of these prostheses in relation to the bridge is that it can be removed and it can be great to maintain oral hygiene , but the drawback is that they are less comfortable to wear than bridges due to elements of dentures that which is found in the mouth .

What is the proper maintenance of oral hygiene ?

Proper oral hygiene includes brushing teeth at least twice a day . Besides toothbrush and toothpaste should be used dental floss , toothbrushes interdentlne and guidance for flushing  and other resources recommended by the dentist .

The proper oral hygiene is means control visits to the dentist every six months .

Why is for the root dental treatment necessary visit the dentist more than once?

Depending on the type of infection in your mouth and how the immune response of your body to make a therapy or how much often you will need to come in time to treat one of teeth. Sometimes you will need more visits to solve disinfection of the tooth root and processes that exist in the bone top of the tooth root.

What is behind the term "ceramic flakes" ?

Scales are successfully solving the following problems : any damage or discoloration of enamel , whether innate or acquired nature ( the result of bad habits , use of antibiotics , dental fluorosis ); less malocclusion , such as increased spacing between the teeth ( diastema ) and some of the rotation ; teeth consumed or damaged due to bruxism ( teeth gnashing and clenching ) or other causes ( gastritis , bulimia ) .