Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions 

To whom we can incorporate dental implants?

There are no contraindications, and the ideal candidate for the installation of dental implants is the patient with good general health and oral health. There are relative contraindication for implant placement, but they can be overcome with good motivation and cooperation with the patient for implants, the existence of sufficient quantities of quality jawbone, with which he grows strongly, and in some cases missing bones, periapical surgery, the bone can be compensated.  

How to get rid of bad breath ?

Bad breath can be a consequence of debris and calculus in the mouth , as well as the existence of carious teeth , and local or general diseases . It is necessary to visit the dentist , identify and remove the cause , and continue to maintain proper oral hygiene .

Are dental interventions can be performed during pregnancy?

There are no contraindications for dental interventions in pregnancy , upon pregnancy without komplikacija. It is desirable that interventions work from the third to the sixth month of pregnancy. Pregnants could receive anesthesia!

What is the treatment for nocturnal teeth grinding ?

Night teeth grinding or bruxism leads to the creation of great pressure on the teeth surface zuba. This kind of pressure is harmful to the tooth , bone , gum and rist. Therapy depends on the cause, whether it is about stress , disturbed relationships of teeth due to loss of individual teeth or impairments in joint or masticatory muscles or some acquired bad habits . Depending on the cause and treatment is different .

How to behave after tooth extraction?

It is necessary to follow the instructions of the dentist when you take out tooth. You should no eat until the anesthesia , after that do not consume hot drinks and food , in the case of pain drink some type of analgesic drugs and that day do not maintain oral hygiene and do not rinse lip cavity with preparations for perfuming , sage, brandy .....

In the case of swelling or consistent pain, although drinking analgesic, contact your dentist .

The composite or amalgam filling for and against ?

For each tooth , there are various indications which material exactly should be used. Amalgamski are indicated in the side of the tooth where we have enough tooth structure since amalgamation has a feature that spreads ( expansion ).Composite fillings ( white fillings ) with other sides are indicated on the front teeth while the newer generation of composite materials very well tolerated by the pressure and they can be repaired. In each case in consultation with the dentist can get the best solution for the rehabilitation of your teeth .

Are Primary teeth need to be repair?

Baby teeth should be repaired even though that they are changing . If the oral cavity have deleterious teeth during primary teeth , then the permanent teeth that are springing up to be more suspectible for failures .

What is apicotomy?

Apicotomy or resection tooth  isoral surgical intervention at the root of the tooth that, performed on an outpatient basis therefore in the dental office and the local anesteshia. .There is no possibility that the tooth heal with conservative methods then the patient was sent to Apicotomy where in one visit a tooth filled and remove the infection from the top of the root surgical intervention , and under the direct control of the eye 

How to slow down floating of teeth ?

Floating teeth is a long process , which occurred due to damage to the supporting tissue of the teeth , and the teeth become excessively mobile. Slowing creaming teeth can be done periodontal therapy ( conservative or surgical ) and maintaining impeccable oral hygiene , with more frequent dental visits.

Another reason why there is a creaming teeth tooth loss in the opposite jaw and tooth root penetration into the empty space . The treatment for this type of problem is prosthetic rehabilitation.


How often to do the treatment descaling ?

Treatment descaling and air flow treatment need to be done at least twice a year . Consumers of cigarettes and patients who are prone to the rapid emergence of scale, need to do more often.